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  • Okay my friend code is 1249 8084 5021. Game name is "Cloud". I'll wait for you online. I only have two pokemon to trade right now, so for now I'll just take the solosis and elekid if that's alright.
    "You might consider using HP ice instead. If not then Hydreigon walls you all day. Also heatran is an issue, but that's as easy as earth power."

    I am using Psychic + Hidden Power Fire because currently most of the most used Steel-types aren't weak to Ground but have a big weakness to Fire, and to have a super-effective attack against Fighting-types (Celebi's psychic is the only attack on my team that can hit pure Fighting-types for super-effective damage) but Earth Power + Hidden Power Ice is in fact a very good combination, I've suggested my friend to use this. I haven't tried to use Hidden Power Ice and I was very impressed to see Celebi, with a +2 Hidden Power Ice, OHKOing Dragonite with Multiscale intact!

    252 +2 SpAtk Life Orb Celebi Hidden Power Ice vs 54 HP/0 SpDef Multiscale Dragonite: 98,21% - 116,07%
    87,5% chance to OHKO

    This is assuming that the Dragonite is a standard set; you have 87,5% chance to OHKO. The bulky variant has only 12,5% chance to be OHKOed; and the Multiscale Abuse set isn't going to be OHKOed anytime soon unless you get a critical hit; however, all these variants are guaranteed to fall after Stealth Rock damage.
    Yeah, sure! I don't use IRC - would you like to do it here, in the client, or on some other program like Skype?
    My earlier point stands: play test both before asking for this lickitung, please. I don't want to go out of my way for a request I'm doubting that isn't related to the VGCs or a near future tournament.
    You seen to have misunderstood me. I was referring to your proposed set as a gimmick, not Lickilicky itself.

    There is a huge difference between being able to use a Swords Dance and a Belly Drum set effectively. You can play a Swords Dance set like a tank and try setting up multiple times. With Belly Drum, you're committed to one sweeping opportunity. Lickilicky can pull off the former, but the latter sounds terrible on a Pokemon that's very easily revenge killed by one of NU's more popular Pokemon, Sawk. Trick Roon with Belly Drum sounds even worse when you spend a majority of your turns using Trick Room setting it up, switching, and Belly Drumming.

    If you would like me to breed your set, play test it on a simulator (Smogon's servers are down due to the changing of hosts, but you can play on PO's server if you wish) and come back with a few logs that prove the set can be effective. At the moment, Belly Drun Lickilicky sounds like terrible, terrible theorymonning.
    Yes, switching hosts isn't the quickest process, lol. Have patience. When Antar or Zarel make an announcement that the server is back online, try out Pokemon Showdown. It will do you a world of good to get in practice matches and form metagame knowledge at a much quicker pace.

    I really don't want to spend time breeding a gimmick that sounds terrible (in every tier, you have Fighting-type revenge killers all the way down) on paper for one person, never to see use again. Unless you can come back with some convincing battle logs, I don't want to breed your Lickitung and I doubt anyone else will either.
    That's mainly because they're switching hosts after having to put up with some horrible customer service after a DDoS attack. Just try again when there's a note the server's back online. It isn't as if it takes a terrible amount of effort to connect to PS! anyway when it is online. It's just a simple click of the refresh button.
    You could always use legal hacks and specify to your opponent before hand you're using then. Most OU matches nowadays are fought with legal hacks anyway.

    Also, to avoid posting on the wrong wall, you can always click the "view conversation" button at the bottom of a VM.
    It's not that I don't like RNG's. It's not like that at all. It's the fact that the whole smogon community is so anal when it comes to hacks. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE begging for pokemon but I also HATE spending hours trying to learn something I STILL don't understand at all. It's extremely irritating trying to obtain "perfect" pokemon just so you can survive in a typical OU match. Hacks solved that problem for a while, but now more and more people won't play you unless you have so called 'legit' pokemon. THATS how I feel about RNG's.
    It's the premise that you're asking for free RNGs when you're the owner of that group is really strange. So where do you stand, do you not like RNGs or are you for them?
    Also, I would really appreciate it if you would disband that "Fuck RNG" group of yours before asking me for RNG requests, lol.
    While he does have a large movepool, his average attack means that few walls fear him before a boost. His typing makes him increadibly susceptible to priority and his low speed means he's very easily revenge killed. The core you're theorymonning sounds like reuniclus is doing all the work, as lickilicky doesn't do much to Dark-types and Steel-types outside of very underpowered coverage attacks.

    Since you haven't already, try out PO or PS. They require next to no set up, and one is browser based anyway. It will help you test iffy combos like this before spending time obtaining real versions on an actual cartridge.
    No...I don't even know how to get on PO or PS. But the whole idea revolves around my reuniclus. Reuniclus sets up trick room, and can also absorb fighting type moves that lickilicky hates. In return, lickilicky can take the ghost type moves aimed at reuniclus. I may end up using swords dance instead of belly drum, but I'm going to try it out and see how it goes. Once conkeldurr and other fighting types are out of the way, there's not much that can stop him. He has the bulk to take a few hits on either side, and he has a huge movepool to use.
    I don't mean to sound rude, but your concept seems a bit scatter brained. Setting up Trick Room and a Belly Drum to attack for two turns to be easily revenge killed afterwords sounds like way too much effort for very little reward. Have you tested this set on PO or PS? If so, do you have any logs of it working?
    Er, yes, Belly Drum Is a legal egg move combo thanks to Snorlax and 3rd gen tutors. I guess my question is why do you need a lickilicky with those attacks for an OU team, lol.
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